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How to protect yourself agains Coronavirus (COVID-19)?

How to protect yourself agains Coronavirus (COVID-19)?
Hello guys, this post is mainly for all people from the UK who haven’t been given any sort of information from the government about how to protect themselves on public and why to wear the face mask (for example in China, Italy, Spain, the Czech Republic, Slovakia is mandatory to wear the face mask on public).

If you want to protect yourself from the virus you need special FFP3 mask for that. But also, with the simple mask from 100% cotton, you can protect others. It significantly decreases the chance of spreading COVID-19 from you to other people. It is at least some barrier between you and others. As people say in the Czech Republic “I’m keeping you safe, you’re keeping me safe”.

There are people around us who are at high risk. And yes, they might even die. So please, protect yourself, because you can carry the virus to up to 14 days without any symptoms.

Stay healthy and protect yourself and others. 🙏❤️

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